Monday, 25 January 2016

Global Youth Forum


Is a voluntary Community Based Organization whose main aim is to Empower and Develop the Youth around the world by enhancing their potentials in various areas. (Education, Entrepreneurship/Agribusiness, Talent Development, Sports & Entertainment, Youth Leadership and Development, Professional Development, Peace projects, Environmental projects, Disaster Awareness & Preparedness, Drud abuse and Eradication projects, Basic Heath Care Management). All this aims at developing the local communities with regard to solving various problems i.e. Unemployment currently facing the Youth a round the globe.
Our target is to have 194 branches in the world (United Nations Countries) this will enhance diffusion of ideas and sharing of resources among the Youth a round the globe. It has been found that the Youth are willing to work towards finding solutions to current and future global problems but there is lack of political will to support them as the politicians and other old leaders are not willing to offer support to their innovative initiatives, The youth have been neglected as a result of high  corruption level resulting to,Unemployment, poor education system, poor infrastructure, poverty all affecting the 3rd world countries negatively. The group thus aims to  work on projects that will help the Youths engaged one another and pull resources together, support one another on activities that will help them grow individual and a community at large. The projects will be conducted as per the United Nations Calendar i.e. 6th April (International Day of Sports for Development and Peace) all the branches will be planning for sporting activities and partnering with various organizations such as USAID, UKAID,Young Africa Leaders Initiative, Safari com, Air-tel, Orange, Coca-Cola,Equity Bank, Ministry of Sports, Master Card Foundation, Microsoft, Deloitte, Barclays Bank, CISCO, IBM, Mara foundation, Housing Finance Foundation, McKinsey & Company, Red Cross, St. Johns Ambulance, International Scouting groups ,Charity Organizations, Environmental Agencies such as United Nation Environmental Programs, learning Institutions, Companies and Individuals as will be appropriate with regard to projects being undertaken. Funds will be raised through such events. Funds raised will be loaned to different Youth with brilliant entrepreneurial ideas (Farming- Poultry farming, Rabbit keeping, Aquaculture,Horticulture and Dairy farming) so as to self independent.


The group originated from Kenya with the idea put together by Omondi Peter a graduate from the University of Nairobi College of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences. His Scouting back ground, life experience and exposure acted as the base of the whole project. The group held it's first meeting at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies Mombasa County on 23th October. A group of 50 Youth attended  the Youth Symposium where a presentation about the project was done and all supported the ideas and agreed it was worth putting to action. Since then the group have been in action organizing several events with an attempt to market itself and set the ground by engaging the the Youth through Youth Leadership and Development sports and Entertainment Programs with the first Youth training on Leadership and Governamce  Seminar at Jaffery College organized by Ithna Asheri Young Mens Union.
Global Youth Forum - Leadership and Development team during a Leadership & Governance training.
Several activities have followed since then, with a Jamhuri Day Futsal Tournament whose main aim was to help the Youth Walk away from Drugs and Substance abuse by getting engaged in sports. The event brought 16 teams (200 youths) around the coast region  with Mvita MP. Mheshimiwa Abdulswamad Sharif Nasser as the guest of honour who echoed the effects of the drugs on youth lives and futures. 

Following this worthy courses and actions, other countries in Africa (Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Zambia, Burundi), United States and United Kingdom, have also expressed interests and are running their own groups.The target of the group is to start local (at Community level - already on going) and grow to an International Non Governmental Organization supporting the Youth around the world. 


1. Team Work.
2. Learning by doing.
3. Youth - Adult Relationship (Mentor ships)
4. Life in nature.

It is a voluntary group where all members joining are expected to serve the community voluntarily. In return on is expected to gain the relevant skills need to survive  in the current challenging economy. Gather skills to start and run their businesses, learn various skills on Human Resource management and Communication skills relevant to the personal and individual growth.
    Group Photo during an Executive meeting on 16th January 2016.

Global Youth Forum - Mombasa Kenya Football Team (blue) vs Oshwal College Nairobi during a match at  Ashwal Academy Mombasa on 22nd October 2015. Global Youth Forum Mombasa thrashed  Oshwal college 6 - 0.
 Its is much easier to unite the Youth through Sports especially football. During such events the youth can be talked to on various issues affecting them and solutions to such problems.


The above describes the leadership structure of the group. In Kenya the group is expanding to all the 47 counties (Mombasa,Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, Kakamega, Siaya, Embu, Kambu, Machakos, kajiado, Embu - all set)  with one CEO ( Currently Omondi Peter - Founder) representing the whole country.There with be representatives at each county levels (County Reps). The representatives will be assisted by the other officials as stated above. The other countries will also appoint their CEO who will be able to execute the group projects and ensure the group Vision and Mission are met.

History behind Global Youth Forum goes a long way. Team Youth at a function to serve the community during a Worlds Cancer Day 2013. As Youths we  have solutions to our local problems but only if we work as a team and engage other Youths around the globe. Lets all get out there and make the world a better place and network with other Youth to support us as we work towards implementing our projects.



  1. This is a commendable job Peter keep pushing hard and make the change, am in support 100%

  2. Definitely I will always do my best.